Bayer Contributes Medicine, Supplies, Knowledge & Financial Support to Global Fight Against COVID-19

Quick Summary:

Bayer is focusing on employees’ health, maintaining products’ supply and providing governments, health authorities and municipalities with urgently needed medicines, medical supplies, expertise and financial assistance.

Bayer will work with non-profit organizations, including Direct Relief and Feeding America, who have direct interactions with Americans who have limited access or financial means to secure health and wellness products during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Contributions in Fight Against COVID-19

The coronavirus presents the world with major challenges. Bayer is active in the areas of health and nutrition and has been working to provide substantial help in overcoming the crisis with their products and expertise.

Bayer has made significant contributions to  the fight against COVID-19 by donating medicines, medical supplies, knowledge and financial aid. “Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary levels of support, and we will deliver,” said Werner Baumann, CEO of Bayer AG. “You can count on each and every one of us at Bayer. Guided by our purpose – Science for a better life – we will do whatever it takes to help serve the world’s health and nutritional needs both during and after this crisis.”

Bayer is focusing on three areas to assist in during this crisis:

Employees’ health:

  • The safety and health of Bayer’s employees is the top priority. As the coronavirus presents a serious risk,  the company has taken the necessary steps to limit its spread.

  • Bayer is frequently updating  its employees on the latest developments.  The enterprise has posted advice on what everyone can do to prevent the virus from spreading on their intranet.

  • All employees can work from home until further notice, if their duties allow.

  • Bayer will assess on a case-by-case basis whether Bayer employed healthcare professionals who wish to volunteer in their communities to help fight the pandemic can temporarily be released from work while the company continues to pay their wages.

Maintaining the supply of their products:

  • Bayer is working at full steam to ensure business continuity so that it can provide hospitals, doctors, patients, consumers and farmers with the products they urgently need at this time.

  • Bayer has comprehensive emergency response plans prepared for all its sites which will be implemented as necessary to ensure that their facilities continue to operate safely and effectively.

Bayer is providing governments, health authorities and municipalities with urgently needed medicines, medical supplies, expertise and financial assistance: