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Business Partners to CONVINCE seeks to build a global movement of employers of every size to promote vaccine uptake among their workers by addressing vaccine hesitancy from a position of facts, trust and the ability to address potential barriers with practical actions. The initiative is the private sector arm of the global, multi-sector CONVINCE (COVID-19 New Vaccine Information, Communication, and Engagement) initiative that advances vaccine literacy and promotes vaccine acceptance.

Our mission is to support employers in promoting vaccine knowledge, confidence and acceptance for workers, families and communities.

The private sector can play a pivotal role in addressing vaccine hesitancy with its extensive reach and the high level of trust imbued in employers by their employees. Many companies have already stepped up to make its workplaces safer, provide guidance on how to keep themselves and their families safer, and provide up-to-date information from health professionals to follow the science.

Business Partners to CONVINCE has built a global coalition of employers and other stakeholders from the private sector to develop fact-based messaging and tool kits that will encourage uptake of a COVID-19 vaccine by employees. The breakdown of trust in vaccines cannot be solved overnight. Join The Global COVID-19 Workplace Challenge.

Join the Challenge!

The United States Council for International Business (USCIB), The USCIB Foundation, and Business Partners for Sustainable Development (BPSD) have launched Business Partners to CONVINCE, a global communication and education initiative to promote COVID-19 vaccine acceptance among private sector employers and employees.

The new partnership will play an integral role in a broader, global CONVINCE (COVID-19 New Vaccine Information, Communication, and Engagement) campaign to advance vaccine literacy and help ensure a strong and swift recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic through widespread acceptance of safe, effective and accessible vaccines.